Portland Sucks podcast

Q: What the hell is this?

It’s a podcast, what were you expecting?

Q: What kind of podcast is it?

If you’re asking if you’re going to learn anything, you’re not. (New) PDX Sucks is a series of conversations between two or more people living the dream in Portland, Oregon. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s intended to mildly entertain you as you go about your daily life. I’m not here to bestow knowledge and wisdom on you, tell you how to improve yourself, or give you weekly tips on small business marketing – all of that is your problem. Instead, I’m simply sharing a bit of my life and the lives of people I know (and some that I don’t) with you by letting you eavesdrop on our casual conversations.

Q: Where’s Sabrina?UPDATED

Sabrina appeared a couple of episodes (see here and here). She’s busy teaching school kids how not to grow up to be shitty adults, something we need a whole lot more of in this world, as opposed to podcast hosts, of which there are already too many.

I don’t know. Maybe ask her? I think she’s on social media somewhere. I said “ask,” not “harass.” She’s a busy person, always has been.

Q: Do you expect to launch another pdx.fm/cascadia.fm?

No, but I didn’t expect to launch the first one(s) either. Not trying to be cryptic. At the time of this writing, I am thinking about a lot of things around DIY media because I’ve always been fascinated by it, but I’ve no specific plans right now beyond this right here.

Q: Why now?

I haven’t the first clue. Seemed like a good time to get back to it.

Q: Can I be on your show?

Maybe? I did an exercise where I wrote a list of 100 people I wanted to talk to across the first 100 episodes. So far no one has said “no” but I’m only just getting started. Send me an email; I’ll put you on the list.