About. About.
About what?
What is this about?

Where to begin?

Over a decade ago I started a blog called ‘Portland Sucks’ – I honestly don’t even remember why. I moved to Portland so long ago that I barely recognize my hometown of Seattle when I visit. To this day I still identify as a Seattleite, just one that happens to live in Portland. Portland is where I’ve put down roots, became a dad, figured out my place in the world, all of that good stuff – but am I a Portlander? I’m not sure. I guess so?

Portland is resilient, to say the least. While Seattle has become a monument of corporate, capitalist massiveness, Portland has mostly stayed true to itself – for better and for worse. Portland doesn’t really grow, nor does Portland ever surprise me. It’s still a place where the odd and disenfranchised come to hang out and exist with likeminded souls, and it’s still got the same smug self-satisfaction it’s always had, with a lingering layer of self-loathing just below the surface. Did I say self-loathing? I meant fierce pride. Yeah, that’s it.

The more I try to understand Portland, the more it eludes me, and yet it remains infinitely predictable at the same time. The people, the atmosphere, the culture – all of it both alien and familiar. All of it comforting, as though I belong here, whether I want to admit it or not.

Portland is my home and probably always will be. And Portland sucks and always will.

I love you, Portland. Truly, I mean that with everything I am.

Thank you.

You suck.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I created a podcast (also called Portland Sucks) shortly after I created the blog I mentioned earlier. It became a bit of a ‘thing’ once upon a time. From there, and with the help of a few really good friends, we made a so-called “podcast network” before podcast networks were all the rage. And then one day we stopped.

Now, a decade or so later, I’ve decided to do it again.

Make sense? That’s ok, I don’t get it either.

-March 12, 2020