A Virus Born from Sex, featuring Animal Crossing

Flying solo because social distancing made it so. Today’s podcast explores themes of heroism, boredom, and the delight we take in performing mundane tasks when we’re not allowed to do so. Oh yes, and Pat Robertson’s 700 Club is mentioned a few times, so if you’re squeamish at all, you may want to avoid his television program.

5 Replies to “A Virus Born from Sex, featuring Animal Crossing”

  1. Do you recommend Animal Crossing:NH or are you joking around? I’m on the fence to buy it. I’m not sure I would like it. I like most Nintendo series but Pokemon and AC haven’t interested me much in the past. Mario and Zelda and Metroid are favorites. Has AC improved enough to try again?

    1. I love Animal Crossing. Would I still love Animal Crossing if I wasn’t stuck inside my goddamn house? Probably not, but odds are good you’re stuck in yours too so I imagine you’ll like it as well.

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