A Gap Minded, featuring Jack Hershman

After a significant but unintentional delay, the podcast returns with a cross-Atlantic talk with my good pal (or “mate”) Jack. Jack is based in the UK, where the fear of rolling ones ankle or “visiting hospital” is far greater than some silly Coronavirus. In the course of an hour we solve the gun violence problem, discover obscure British laws, and ponder our smartphone inflicted thumbs.

Speaking of smartphones, are you doing enough to protect yours? If not, might I suggest you look into a rugged and stylish phone case from the geniuses at Urban Armor Gear? UAG phone cases are so goddamn good, I bought 4. Seriously. Their smartwatch straps and MacBook shells are legit too.

5 Replies to “A Gap Minded, featuring Jack Hershman”

  1. I have nura phones headphones too. What started out intriguing became disappointment real fast there.

  2. You probably know this but airlines block popular TCP/IP ports to stop you from watching videos during a flight. Until recently services like You Porn would attempt to serve video through multiple ports so as to bypass these restrictions. It wasn’t directly due to airline restrictions so much as to make their content more widely available through stricter university wifi controls.

  3. knock knock ginger is also called ding dong ditch or knock knock ditch. i don’t know that racist name for it.

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