A Host Acquired, featuring Excuses


I know you’re wondering when the next half-hour(ish) of aural goodness is going to make its way into your ear canal. Well, have I got news for you!


I recently switched podcast hosts and I think (I hope) I’ve finally got everything in order, so you can look forward to downloading even more of this garbage very soon.

I’ve been assured that this will all happen seamlessly but because I trust absolutely no one, I would highly recommend re-subscribing via your favorite podcast app using this link:


If for some reason you end up with double the subscription, YAY, that just means more fake listeners for me. In theory, this shouldn’t happen but if it does, simply unsubscribe from the original and use the new one.

Apologies for being a pain in the ass. I’m trying to make all of this about 100% easier on myself so that I have more time to record stuff and spend less time dicking around with it all.


UPDATE: I am told that Google podcasts is being a bit of a dick. My solution here would be simple: don’t use Google podcasts. I’ve been around awhile and there’s no platform more listener and creator hostile than Google podcasts. It’s crap. I know you aren’t using Google Music, right? I mean, no one is. You’re either a Spotify person or an Apple person (and the latter generally always use the Apple Podcasts app). Use those. Or, alternately, use Amazon or one of the other dozen or so choices that the link above gives you if you click the “More…” button. Trust me, you’ll be much happier and your podcast-listening experience will improve as a result. Really.