An Argentine Labeled, featuring Blueberries

Consider for a moment the absurdity of defining someone by their age, their race, their gender, or where they’re from. Alternately, consider the ridiculousness of describing something by the most obvious trait you could possibly think of and then feeling proud of yourself for doing so. Welcome to modern media, and I’ve had about enough.

An Elephant Hated, featuring Betsy Clayton

Just over a year after her last appearance, longtime friend Betsy Clayton joins to discuss doing your own thing for the right reasons and how bloated radio networks are the new elephant in the podcast room, but there are myriad other reasons to dislike them. Fair warning, this sucker weighs in at over 90 minutes, or about how long it takes to watch the average Jet Li film. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is a better use of your time.