A Class Taught, featuring Sabrina Miller

After experiencing some technical difficulties last week, we’re finally back with a new episode. Topics include: the Biden Crime Family, Catholic parents, blaming everything on the “New Normal,” VIP stadium parking, Sabrina’s new career path, and a brand new device for recording podcasts that even a brain-dead dolt like myself can use.

A Recording Made, featuring Silence

So, about that new podcast episode…

We recorded it today. Really. And what I ended up with was 65 solid minutes of Sabrina Miller’s side of the conversation, and zero minutes of my side. In true Sabrina fashion, she offered to do the whole damn thing over again but by that point I was struggling to figure out what I did wrong. Turns out I can simply blame Skype.

Sorry. We’ll do another next weekend and make a proper comeback on January 25th.

I promise.

A Plan Made, featuring Plan-Type Stuff

It’s been nearly four months since the last podcast episode. I only know this because the site so conveniently dates them; otherwise, I would probably swear it had only been a few weeks as “a few weeks” is what my brain answers whenever I ask it the question, “When was that, anyway?” I blame COVID; I’m sure you go through much the same thing.

Anyway, it’s been a challenge, setting time aside for a podcast that doesn’t pay the bills and generally winds up being about the daily struggles of life in these Coronavirus times. After all, how much can you be expected to share when your days consist of rolling out of bed, changing your shirt (who wears pants right now?), and getting on seemingly endless Zoom calls? There’s hardly anything interesting about that, is there? Couple the mundanity of our day to day lives with the shitshow that is American politics, and you don’t end up with a recipe for entertaining podcasts.

All of that said, somebody recently told me that perhaps a regular reminder that you (the listener) aren’t alone in your boring-AF daily zoom call struggles is precisely what the doctor ordered. Not like a Doctor Fauci, obviously, I’m referring to a metaphorical doctor… one of those doctors that don’t really practice medicine and likely aren’t a doctor at all… like Jill Biden.

I’m joking. Really. God, get over it.

So, it is with great pleasure (though my wallet would disagree) that (new) Portland Sucks will resume regular weekly episodes effective Monday, January 18th, 2021, just in time for Martin Luther King Day. As you’ll no doubt have the day off, paid of course, you have no excuse but to join me and my fearless co-host for at least 45 minutes of mindless blather as we brave the grossly underutilized wastelands of our respective imaginations. Our failing memories once more on a quest to enlighten, educate, and irritate.

And if you don’t want to forget about it, your life being the whirlwind of excitement that it no doubt is, you’ll want to subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or that Google thing.